True brotherly love..

BAE Systems

True brotherly love..

Pair are following in their father’s footsteps with their passion for engineering

IT’S fair to say engineering is a family affair for brothers Andrew and Michael Finlayson, who are both apprentices at BAE Systems after following their dad’s lead with their careers.
Andrew, 19, from Kirkintilloch,near Glasgow, is now a fourth-year engineering technician apprentice en route to being time-served in August 2018.

He said: “Engineering has been my chosen career path since I was very young.

“I’ve never wanted to be anything but an engineer so getting an apprenticeship with BAE Systems has been a milestone in my life as I begin the career I had always hoped for.

“I was interested in engineering and shipbuilding from a young age. My dad has been involved in the defence sector for a large part of his career, working on various naval vessels, from surface fleet to submarines, as an engineer and manager.

“I aspired to be like him – I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue. I remember the first naval vessel I was on, HMS Invincible. My dad took me on to ship while it was in for refit in Rosyth.

“This instantly grabbed my attention as I wanted to be involved in this line of work.”

Older brother Michael, 23, is a third-year mechanical engineer apprentice at BAE.

It was Andrew who recommended the apprenticeship after Michael had completed an apprenticeship as a spray painter in the motor industry.

He said: “I chose a career in engineering as I finally realised it was what I wanted to do after completing a previous apprenticeship.

“I was good at working with my hands and technically minded. I was made offers from two companies, however, I chose BAE Systems as I believed this would give me the best start as an aspiring engineer.

“I heard daily from my brother Andrew about what life was like as a BAE Systems apprentice and the quality of work and learning he received.

“It is interesting now we have three engineers in the one house. We have some brilliant conversations!”

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