Proud mum follows in her girl’s footsteps

Maria and Naomi Reilly

Proud mum follows in her girl’s footsteps

It’s a family affair for mum and daughter team Maria and Naomi Reilly, who both work as apprentices at BAE Systems.

Maria, 37, and daughter Naomi, 20, from Glasgow, would encourage others to earn while learning as apprentices.

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When Maria saw how much her daughter loved her apprenticeship as a pipe fitter, she applied for a mechanical engineering apprenticeship in the same naval ships unit.

Maria now works as a mechanical fitter and loves being an apprentice.

“I’m able to work and gain experience on the job, as well as being able to study and get the qualifications necessary to know my trade.

“I had never thought about a career in engineering for myself or the possibility that I could do an apprenticeship until my daughter was so determined to follow a career as a pipe fitter.

“My initial instinct was to try to change her mind and encourage her to a more female field. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

“From the day she started at BAE Systems, she was happy, absolutely in love with her job and life in general, which made me rethink my whole view on this job.”

Maria felt she could be a good candidate for engineering but wasn’t very hopeful because of her age. But she got through the tests and interviews and was offered the job she wanted.

“Like Naomi, I’ve never looked back and feel I’m growing in confidence each and every day. I am valued and feel I have a lot to offer in this field.”

Naomi has just completed her apprenticeship and loves being a pipe fitter.

She said: “I really enjoyed learning how to weld, read drawings and make the pipework for the different systems and installing aboard the ship.

“I always wanted to do a manual job and after work experience in a car garage, I was certain that this was the kind of work I’d really enjoy. When BAE Systems we’re looking for apprentices and my dad spoke to female apprentices already in the yard, they all recommended it, so I took a chance and applied.


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